Make a MOGLi Elephant Bookmark

Ulula Mogli Bookmark Craft Sheet Our MOGLi friends have a fun and simple animal craft project for little hands to make! Since we all love books and there is plenty of time to read or read to our little ones, MOGLi thought making a bookmark was just the thing.


What you need:

sheet of paper (about 15cm square)


coloured pencils



Step 1: fold a square sheet of paper diagonally in the middle


Step 2: bend the top tip down


Step 3: fold the right corner of the triangle to the middle


Step 4: the same now with the left corner


Step 5: now fold the right corner up to the tip


Step 6: the same with the left side again


Step 7: fold down and tuck the front tabs into the back

Step 8: now draw, cut out and stick on the ears, trunk and tusks and draw on the eyes and you have finished!

You can create many more bookmark designs, such as your favourite animal, pet or how about a carrot?!

Have fun making 🙂

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