Today is International World Pasta Day!

Pasta has long been a favourite dish for children and adults alike; highly nutritious and a great energy source, served either with a vegetable sauce or just with some cheese, it is a quick, simple, delicious meal that we all enjoy. With gluten, or without, there is a pasta for each of us. To celebrate the special occasion of today, we have taken a look at what each kind of pasta says about you** but we leave the pasta shapes and the Mie Noodles to your imagination – let us know what you come up with😉

Spaghetti: Warm hearted

If spaghetti is your go to pasta, you are csm_mais-reis-spaghetti_minikuerbis_gemuese_01_117f7f64d9warm hearted. You gravitate towards the classic and never fail to help a friend out. Choosing spaghetti means you are sympathetic and kind. You are also open-minded and sensitive, and you always listen when someone needs you.       

Penne: Easy goingalb-gold-organic-emmer-penne

If  penne pasta floats your boat, you are easy going. You are relaxed and do not have an anxious bone in your body. Even-tempered and mellow, your day to day life may get hectic but you never let that get in the way of things you truly care about.

Rigatoni: Determined

csm_mais-reis-rigatoni_spinat_pilze_01_28a5780239If you like rigatoni, you are determined. Anything you set your mind to, you accomplish. There is no limit when it comes to what you can achieve. Your resolute outlook on life keeps you focused and gets you places.

Farfalle (for us the Pantacce Tricolour): Energeticalb-gold-organic-pantacce-tricolore

If farfalle makes your heart soar like the butterflies they are shaped like, you are energetic. Doing nothing all day bores you. You have to get out and experience life! If you like farfalle, you are active, spirited, and have a bubbly personality.

5. Gemelli: Creativealb-gold-organic-strozzapreti

If you are one with gemelli, you are creative. You have incredible original ideas and are artistic. You are innovative, original, and gifted. Choosers of gemelli are imaginative and resourceful.

6. Elbow: Generousalb-gold-organic-einkorn-drelli

If elbow pasta is the one that you want, you are generous. You consistently show kindness towards others. You are always thinking about how you can do more for your loved ones.

7. Rotini (Or in our case, Fusilli) : Fearlesscsm_buchweizen_mit_currysauce_02_cf54be97aa

If rotini is your one true love, you are fearless. You are bold, courageous, and brave. Your intrepid outlook on life allows you to live to the fullest. You are lionhearted and not afraid of anything.

Who knew! With this exciting new knowledge, you can enjoy choosing your pasta supper to match your mood!  


A Holle Weaning Harvest Festival

The nights are drawing in; the heating is back on, and what better way to feed our next generation than on a harvest feast of gluten free pumpkin and plums! Holle prides itself of making meals for babies which are easy and convenient for the parents, and nutritious and organic for the little ones.

Holle Organic holle-organic-pumpkin-with-rice-baby-foodPumpkin and Rice is an ideal combination of vegetable and a gluten free grain. The Holle Organic Pumpkin and Rice is ideal if, as can sometimes happen, your baby has developed a tendency to constipation after introducing root vegetables like carrots – switching to pumpkin as a weaning vegetable for your baby is usually recommended.

Holle Organic Pumpkin and Chicken – is a mild tasting chicken meal that appeals to babies during the later weaning stage one. Using chicken holle-organic-pumpkin-with-chicken-baby-foodfrom a new initiative in Germany which raises the male chicken to Demeter certified organic standards, this mild tasting Chicken meal is perfect for weaning.

Holle’s NEW organic baby porridge is a real gluten free treat for babies. Finely puréed pumpkiholle-organic-vegetable-porridge-pumpkin-rightn provides it with a delicious pumpkin aroma that, combined with maize and rice, creates a delicious meal. Easy to prepare using either breast milk, baby formula or just water for a delicious and wholesome porridge for your baby.

Holle Organic Apple and Plum Baby Food is a smooth and fruity pudding for your bholle-organic-apple-and-plum-baby-foodaby, made with 81% biodynamically and organically grown fruit. Ideal for use in your baby’s porridges, on its own in the afternoon or as a snack when your baby feels hungry.


Making family traditions – celebrating Halloween together

Once September has passed, and we are heading towards Halloween, it is so easy to feel that the colder, dark days are dragging us down into our own forthlbtu9xywm of sleepy hibernation – the warm cosy bed in the morning is always harder to leave in October, and is Halloween really anything that we can celebrate as a family together anyway?

It was wonderful to discover through our reading that Halloween is also the Eve of Samhain, a pagan celebration of the New Year – an especially significant time, the Earth Goddess pictured as the Old Wise Woman who stands at the dying of the old year, on the threshold of the new*. What a wonderful re-frame of our year. No more might we feel that the winter is the last season of the year, and time to ‘survive’ until the spring, or that Halloween is something to avoid.

Perhaps then the trick is the sense we have grown up with that Halloween becoming something of a commercialised moment in the year, and the treat is that it is actually our doorway through to wonder and delight of what is to come!

Despite the costumes and frightening masks in the shops, marking the day Halloween does give us a moment in time to look towards, and prepare for, because even when your little ones are tiny, starting your family traditions – forming them, creating them, allowing them to develop around and for your family are all very wonderful exciting times.

Pumpkin carving is as simply or elaborate as your carving skills can make it; bringing the light into your home amongst the dark and cold eautumnleavespumpkincarvingpatternvening is a very special, meditative craft that you can do together as a family, or when the children as a little younger, you can make the magic appear. Allowing those pumpkins to shine out in the cold evening is a wonderful beacon.

When my little one was still only one, we carved our pumpkin and lit it on our nature table in our sitting room, and as she came in from the kitchen the sense of wonder and delight was so gratifying. She couldn’t have been more amazed, and we couldn’t have felt more pleased!

Halloween is a perfect time for a family story around the lit pumpkin. There is a wonderful story about The Little Hobgoblin: A Halloween Story:

Cooking together to make biscuits cut and iced into the shape of pumpkins or making a pumpkin soup out of the inside of your carved pumpkin are both activities that you can do together to allow the moment to be recognised and celebrated. It is a special day, and can be acknowledged in such small ways, but your little ones, they notice the feelings, and it becomes something they look forward to, year after year – however old and sophisticated they become!

It is always wonderful to focus on the animals and plants at this time of year too – noticing the squirrel tucking away the nuts for her long winter, and the leaves changing colour. There are things to notice in the garden too – seeing the garden plants fold back down into the earth; raking up the leaves for the compost heap. To us these are chores perhaps, but for our little ones, who remind us really of the wonder of life, these acts, these ‘jobs’, help us notice and appreciate the passing of the year, and the rhythms of our world around us.

The story of the enormous Turnip is always wonderful to tell as a story or as a puppet show, and even to perform together. We have always rather felt that if they had only asked the gnomes if they might pull the turnip, it would have been a lot easier… but then, ease is not the point of the story!

There are so manthe-root-children-1y wonderful stories, poems and songs to tell and share as we notice the leaves crunching under our feet, or when we think about the gnomes and ‘root children’ who carry the flowers, animals and seeds back to mother earth, to care for them until the earth is warm enough again for them. If you don’t know Sibylle Von Olfers Story, it is a wonderfthe-root-childrenul book, and she is a wonderful author.

*All Year Round: Ann Druitt, Christine Fynes-Clinton, Marije Rowling

However you and your family mark this day, happy planning, and happy new year😉

New MOGLi Yummies!

The brilliant team at MOGLi have had their thinking hats on, and they have come up with some really fabulous organic New Products to add to their award winning range. New products that are all great for when out and about or in the snack or lunch box!

First is the Organic Coconut Bar in a new Mini Bar – 12.5g – perfect for snack time, anmogli-organic-mini-coconut-bard a true energy booster when your little one has an urgent need for some food, and it isn’t meal time yet. This coconut bar will satisfy everybody in your family for those in-between-times. The bar is slightly sweetened with rice and agave syrup which our family found very pleasant because it wasn’t too sweet. A real winner!

The next new product is the Cocoa Wafer – three layers of delicious organic whole grain wafemogli-organic-cocoa-wafersr filled with cocoa cream and sweetened only with coconut blossom sugar – how cute is that, and how triple yum too! Light, crispy and very very moreish, this is a really delicious snack.

Finally, and perhaps the best for last, the new Coconut Wafer – three layers of organic whole gmogli-organic-coconut-wafersrain wafer filled with scrummy coconut cream, and sweetened only with coconut blossom sugar. Too delicious to actually be able to express in words!

When we asked our tasters to try out these new MOGLi products with their young children and families, we were overwhelmed away by the enthusiastic response. Here’s just three of the comments we received:

“These Mogli Wafers are so delicious. They are the perfect snack, and really satisfying to get you between breakfast and lunch! Our kids really loved them all!”

“My daughter is usually a bit fussy with her food, but she loved these coconut mini bars. I admit that I usually buy the full size for myself, so a Mini version for my mini-me is just perfect!”

“Thanks so much for the offer of trying the Mogli new products. They were a real treat with our family. They aren’t too sweet, and the flavours are really good! They are all just the perfect size for my work bag, lunch boxes and when we are out and about to make sure all tummies make it to the end of the outing satisfied!! We’ll definitely be buying them. Our family are huge Mogli fans  — the quality and care in each product, and at a really good price is brilliant – thank you!”

Damia is the company behind MOGLi. It’s a relative newcomer to the market and has an ethos that puts children at the centre of everything they do. Damia believe, just as we at Ulula do, that children in particular deserve good, natural food, and this is just what they are striving to achieve. As well as encouraging in children a taste for real food, the company aims to only supply nutritious food that has been produced in partnership with experts – every product  has been approved by independent nutritionists as well as a parent’s panel and children’s jury. A very special company!

The MOGLi range of products for kids and families is exclusive to Ulula in the UK and, given the high quality of the ingredients, provide a unique food across their range for older babies and toddlers.

Try the MOGLi new products and let us know what YOU think!

Celebrating Michaelmas Together

Michaelmas is the festival which really celebrates Autumn and allows us to revel in the darker nights and cooler days without a sadness for the Summer passed. The light is lower, and shadows longer, and we start to look inward to our own inner strength and reserves – like a flower we opened up to the sun during the summer, and now we can fold our petals in and take strength and sustenance from the world under our feet.

Michaelmas is named after Saint Michael, one of the four archangels, the angel who threw Lucifer out of Heaven. He is the Angel of courage and the Angel of the fight against evil, often depicted fighting off fearsome dragons! The festival of Michaelmas is the moment when we can take the light and love that has warmed us through the summer months into ourselves to feed us as we enter the colder, darker months of autumn and winter.

Our favourite Michaelmas Story comes from the very wonderful Tiptoes Lightly “The Festival of the Stones”. Here is a little extract:

“But the dragon never forgot, and never quite gave up. He remembers his beauty from long ago, and rises out of the earth in early summer to fly high in the air. Then, as summer ends, a shower of shooting stars beats the dragon back into the earth with swords of heavenly iron”

As we were growing up, we always enjoyed the meteor shower of shooting stars in late August in the night sky, and used to weave a story as to why they are showering down on us at this time of year…  and in later years, Michaelmas had become a time in the year which we rather dreaded – it all felt rather heavy and fearsome, but finding Tiptoes with our children allowed us see the beauty of the date, the 29th September. It is a very special day!

Our Michaelmas Autumn Hedgerow Dragon

Our Michaelmas Autumn Hedgerow Dragon

Making dragon bread is always a wonderful family activity, or making dragon’s from conkers is great fun too!

To bring the light of St Michael into our homes, we can light a new candle at the supper table. Always a favourite activity at Kindi was to make a candle each using strips of wax wound around the candle to become the dragon, and as the candle burns, the flame slowly conquers the dragon until he is banished completely!

As you light your Michaelmas candle this year, perhaps you will have the dinosaur pasta on your little ones’ plates, so that they can be St. Michael fearlessly fighting dragons, just like Jeremy Mouse in the Tiptoes Story.

Don’t drop a bacteria bomb in your child’s bathtub

New studies show that classic bath toys with holes can be harmful to your children’s health

With the arrival of summer, many of us have brought out the paddling pools, much to the delight of little tots and water babies! Remember, though, that bath ducks and other toys that thousands of young children play with in the bath or paddling pool can be veritable bacteria bombs. This has emerged in a new study conducted by Force technology.

6,500 times higher than the permitted limit value

Terese Hoffeldt is the founder of HEVEA, a company that makes products of natural rubber. As part of her ongoing commitment to product development, she recently asked Force technology to analyse bath toys with holes and the bacteria they contain. And the answer is clear: The bath toys are full of biological bacteria. Terese Hoffeldt is not surprised by the result:

“When my daughter was a baby, she loved sitting in the bath tub with her bath ducks. That was when I discovered you could squeeze some blackish muck out of them after use. Apart from the fact that it looked disgusting, I couldn’t help thinking that it had to be unhealthy,”  Terese Hoffeldt explains.

The bacteria forms in hollow bath animals with holes that therefore “store” bathwater, which contains soap, skin cells and other bathing residues.



The test result shows that the viable count (unit of measurement for drinking water) is 950 times higher than the maximum permitted limit value for drinking water in Denmark, in the bath duck tested, and 6,500 times higher in the frog that was tested, which means they are very unhygienic.

That is why Terese designs bath toys herself – entirely free of holes. The filthy bath toys in her daughter’s bath tub were the starting point for HEVEA’s own bath assortment. HEVEA’s bath toys are designed without holes, so they do not collect any water, which means they do not collect bacteria.

“Although it was tempting to put holes in them, because we know children find it amusing to squirt water out of the bath toy, we didn’t want to create potential bacteria bombs. The new analysis underlines that this was the correct choice. Apart from the fact that bath animals without holes are much more hygienic and easy to wipe and clean, they are lighter, too, and they float better than bath animals with holes,” Terese explains.

Moreover, all HEVEA’s products are made from natural rubber from the hevea tree, so the material is entirely free from hazardous phthalates, BPA and toxins. They can withstand being chewed by children; in fact, all the products are designed with precisely that in mind.

Useful tips for clean bathing water

  • Be sure to buy good quality bath tubs and paddling pools. Cheap ones may contain a cocktail of toxins such as BPA, which is released particularly in wet and warm conditions, i.e. into your child’s bathwater.
  • Paddling pools for outdoor use are more susceptible to attracting bacteria from soil and animals, for example, and the sun heats the water, so it is important to change the water in the pool frequently.
  • Remember to clean it before refilling.
  • Choose bath toys without holes, and be sure to wash and dry them thoroughly after use.

Guest Blog – My Experience Breastfeeding

I am an Ulula mummy. As Ulula celebrates Breastfeeding Week, Ulula asked me whether my journey into breastfeeding my little one might be shared, and so here it is…

I have discovered as I have got older, that I am a do-er. When I am worrying about something, or when I meet something ‘new’, I do. Anything. Something. Sometimes it is a useful anything/something, sometimes it isn’t. My first port of call is always books, research, finding out what other people think, what other people do. Can I do that to…

I couldn’t get pregnant – the research began. I got pregnant – the research and reading stepped up another level. I gave up control of my body – weird. I lived through the birth. Can’t think about that yet. I was expected to feed, straight away, now, but hang on – where’s i-make-milk-whats-your-superpowerthe book?

So, the midwife latched little one on and I lay there out of it, not really caring what way was up, and apparently the first drink took place and everyone was very pleased with me. Yay.
24 hours long hours later, after much projectile vomiting and one stomach pump – they can really do that on one so small – we were successful again. Just.

But, nobody tells you how much it hurts. Or was it just me? And then the mastitis – what was that all about. And then how do you know it is working well enough – you can’t see how much is being drunk. And there is not a book on this planet that warns you, prepares you, gets you ready for the reality of breastfeeding your baby. Or is it just me?

Then your friends have no issues, the midwife says you are doing well… nothing said seems to help and nothing read makes a positive difference. I realised I was on my own. Gulp.

But although I seemingly had given up, I had written a note when I was furiously researching through my pregnancy, and left it where my poor befuddled baby brain could make sense of it. Holle!  I was a Holle baby. My furious internet searching had led me as an adult to the products, and so I found Ulula and the Nursing Tea. Holle had done the research for me and all I had to do was drink. Hello world, I was thinking that I might be ok after all.

I know it is weird in a way that the Holle Tea inspired so much faith and trust in me in that bleak moment – more than the ‘experts’ around me. Perhaps I felt like I was coming home, or that I had my mum alongside me. I don’t know and I haven’t the funds to explore through deeply delving into my psyche!

What I knew was I had found a crutch and that crutch worked for me. I drank the tea; I was producing enough milk – I could see I was now – my little one was happy and thriving, and although this whole step of my feeding meant I still had no control over my body – in fact, oddly, this felt even more challenging than when I was pregnant – we were managing. I was managing.

So, just as I had been on the threshold of total and absolute panic, and the poor hubby was looking very scared, I stopped worrying quite so much; I drank a lot of Holle Nursing Tea, and in doing so I found a friend who I could trust in to carry me through the scary moments and be there alongside a biscuit for the peaceful ones too.

It didn’t help with the feeding in public trauma, or help with the next hoops that I got thrown through as I learnt to be a mummy. What it did do was help me, a mum who wanted to try and breastfeed, get enough milk to be able to succeed in my wish. I am no earth mother. I do not feel I am a natural mother. I need the books to help me with each and every phase and stage. Holle Tea helped me as I learnt to breastfeed, and Holle continues to help me now with my growing little one… but that’s another story!