Inspiring Wholefood Choices – What Else Should Ulula Stock?

Regular customers will know that I have recently been away in Germany visiting family and old friends. It was great to catch up on news and gossip, as always.

Even in my small hometown in the former East Germany I was able to visit several wholefood shops. So I stocked up on  many of my organic favourites that it just isn’t possible to buy here in the UK. When  I stood in the shops looking at the fantastic choice on the shelves around me my mind turned to Ulula. What could I introduce to the select Ulula ranges? What other products would Ulula customers like to see me stock?

Well, here is your chance to let me know. What other organic foods would you like to buy either for your baby or the rest of the family?

When I’ve chatted with a few mums this week I have already had a few suggestions. How about organic pasta sauces to accompany our pasta range. How about a healthy chocolate spread for sandwiches and lunch boxes? Let me know what you think of those suggestion and please do suggest lots of your own.

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