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Popsicle Time!


Here’s a fruity delicious popsicle recipe for you from the Holle Kitchen ūüíó



Mix the almond paste and greek yoghurt and half fill the popsicle molds. Put pieces of fruit into the molds, add the fruit puree, sprinkle with the junior muesli and freeze for 2 hours.
Simple, delicious and super refreshing for the summer!

Tomato and Mozzarella Deep Pan Pizza

Free from Gluten, Peanuts, Egg, Soya, Wheat, Dairy
Vegetarian, Vegan, Without crystal sugar


Deep pan pizza base
‚Äʬ†350g FREEE Pizza Base Mix
‚Äʬ†350ml tepid water
‚Äʬ†3 tbsp¬† oil

‚Äʬ†250g¬† tomato sauce
‚Äʬ†200g¬† mozzarella, grated


Deep Pan Pizza Base
1. Line a 28x30cm baking tray with parchment and pre-heat the oven.
2. Put the pizza base mix, tepid water and oil into a large bowl and stir to a thick paste.
3. Tip the paste onto the prepared tray and spread it to the edges with a spatula.
4. Leave in a warm place for 30 minutes.
5. Using a fork, prick all over the pizza base.
6. Pre-bake for 25 minutes.

1. Remove the pizza base from the oven and cover it with tomato sauce.
2. Scatter grated mozzarella over the top
3. Bake for a further 12 minutes.
Temperature: 220¬įC, Fan 200¬įC, 425¬įF, Gas 7
Cooking time: 25 minutes + 12 minutes


Freee by Doves Farm Gluten Free Pizza Base Mix

Alb-Gold Organic Vegetable Ragout Pasta Sauce

Alb Gold Organic Italian Tomato Sauce

Alb Gold Organic Tomato, Ricotta & Rocket Sauce

Alb Gold Organic Tomato, Ricotta & Rocket Sauce

Today is International World Pasta Day!

Pasta has long been a favourite dish for children and adults alike; highly nutritious and a great energy source, served either with a vegetable sauce or just with some cheese, it is a quick, simple, delicious meal that we all enjoy. With gluten, or without, there is a pasta for each of us. To celebrate the special occasion of today, we have taken a look at what each¬†kind of pasta says¬†about¬†you** but we leave the pasta shapes and the Mie Noodles to your imagination – let us know what you come up with ūüėČ

Spaghetti: Warm hearted

If spaghetti is your go to pasta, you are csm_mais-reis-spaghetti_minikuerbis_gemuese_01_117f7f64d9warm hearted. You gravitate towards the classic and never fail to help a friend out. Choosing spaghetti means you are sympathetic and kind. You are also open-minded and sensitive, and you always listen when someone needs you.

http://www.ulula.co.uk/alb-gold-organic-spelt-spaghetti.html                 http://www.ulula.co.uk/alb-gold-organic-corn-rice-spaghetti-gluten-free-pasta.html

Penne: Easy goingalb-gold-organic-emmer-penne

If  penne pasta floats your boat, you are easy going. You are relaxed and do not have an anxious bone in your body. Even-tempered and mellow, your day to day life may get hectic but you never let that get in the way of things you truly care about.


Rigatoni: Determined

csm_mais-reis-rigatoni_spinat_pilze_01_28a5780239If you like rigatoni, you are determined. Anything you set your mind to, you accomplish. There is no limit when it comes to what you can achieve. Your resolute outlook on life keeps you focused and gets you places.


Farfalle (for us the Pantacce Tricolour): Energeticalb-gold-organic-pantacce-tricolore

If farfalle makes your heart soar like the butterflies they are shaped like, you are energetic. Doing nothing all day bores you. You have to get out and experience life! If you like farfalle, you are active, spirited, and have a bubbly personality.


5. Gemelli: Creativealb-gold-organic-strozzapreti

If you are one with gemelli, you are creative. You have incredible original ideas and are artistic. You are innovative, original, and gifted. Choosers of gemelli are imaginative and resourceful.


6. Elbow: Generousalb-gold-organic-einkorn-drelli

If elbow pasta is the one that you want, you are generous. You consistently show kindness towards others. You are always thinking about how you can do more for your loved ones.


7. Rotini (Or in our case, Fusilli) : Fearlesscsm_buchweizen_mit_currysauce_02_cf54be97aa

If rotini is your one true love, you are fearless. You are bold, courageous, and brave. Your intrepid outlook on life allows you to live to the fullest. You are lionhearted and not afraid of anything.

Who knew! With this exciting new knowledge, you can enjoy choosing your pasta supper to match your mood!

http://www.ulula.co.uk/alb-gold-organic-corn-rice-fusilli-gluten-free-pasta.html            http://www.ulula.co.uk/alb-gold-organic-wholegrain-spelt-fusilli.html  http://www.ulula.co.uk/seitz-organic-gluten-free-buckwheat-fusilli.html

** http://spoonuniversity.com/lifestyle/what-your-favorite-pasta-shape-says-about-you/

Holle’s Deliciously Natural Organic Fruit Bars for Babies – Now on Sale!

Holle's organic apple and pear snack bar for babies and toddlersThis is just a quick post to let you know that Holle’s recently launched fruit bars for babies have arrived at the Ulula warehouse and are now ready to ship.

The Organic Apple and Banana and Organic Apple and Pear bars are made of 100% organic fruit, honey and spelt and taste absolutely delicious, see our recent article announcing their launch for further details. These natural and healthy finger foods are ideal for babies from 12 months and if experience on the continent is anything to go by they will be flying off the shelves – so make sure you place your orders early.

Let us know what you think of the new organic fruit bars – more importantly how does your baby find these new additions to their finger food repetoire?

Holle Organic Fruit Bars for Babies – Coming Soon

Another update from the annual Organic and Natural Products exhibition at Olympia. Holle have recently added two new fruit bars for babies to their organic baby food range – perfect finger food complements to the sugar free Organic Baby Spelt Biscuits and Baby Spelt Rusks.


Holle Fruit Bars for Babies –
The Taste Test

And now to the most important question Рwhat are they like? Holle have launched two fruity bars РOrganic Apple and Banana and Organic Apple and Pear. During our time at the exhibition we sampled several of each (as well as  similar products from another company) and brought home a small supply to give to family and friends. Both bars are made of 100% organic fruit, honey and spelt and, in our opinions, Holle have got the balance just right. The bars are very fruity and are firm enough to handle but without being tough to bite Рthey taste simply delicious. Both bars are naturally sweet enough to give toddlers a healthy treat or snack while keeping enough of the tang of the real fruit so that your child develops a love for the taste of the real thing too Рsuperb!

For now the Holle fruit bars are currently only available on the continent – when they were launched two months ago in Germany, Austria and Switzerland they proved so popular that the whole production run sold out immediately. We at Ulula have placed our order and are pleased to be the only UK stockist of this great finger food. Watch this space for availability.