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Holle – make your own finger paints


Making your own non-toxic, edible finger pains is simple with this quick, easy and inexpensive recipe using ingredients found in the kitchen. Give those little hands, feet and fingers free rein to enjoy being creative and having fun!

It’s so easy:

  • 5 tbsps of flour
  • 100ml of cold water
  • 1 tbsp salt (for shelf life)
  • To add colour try vegetable juices eg beetroot / carrot or spices eg turmeric (be careful, it can stain) or food colouring
  • Mix the ingredients together

Kept in the fridge, the paints should last up to 2 weeks.

Plastic Free Baby Wipes


Did you know that most baby wet wipes, moist toilet tissues, hygiene wipes and cleaning wipes are made with plastic? Wet wipes are super convenient for cleaning mucky, sticky hands, faces and worktops, but how many of us realise that most are not actually made of paper but contain plastic. These plastic resins like polyester or polypropylene will never fully biodegrade and will break into smaller and smaller pieces polluting land, rivers and oceans, and entering wildlife and human food chains.

Short history of wet wipes

Disposable wet wipes were first used in the 1960’s and were detergent saturated tissue paper. The problem with them was that they would fall apart. Manufacturers started incorporating increasingly tougher fibres and structure in the blend and their usefulness and commercial value multiplied. The wet-wipe boom grew in the 1990s when Kimberly-Clark, makers of Huggies nappies and Procter & Gamble who make Pampers, began pushing baby wipes as the new must-have parental convenience.

Eco-friendly wet wipes?

There are wipes available that are made from more natural alternatives and contain no plastic. Natracare’s baby wipes are made from organic cotton cloth, as are the wipes natracare-baby-wipes-with-organic-cottonfrom brand Organyc. Kit and Kin offer sustainable and biodegradable 100% plant-based wipes. None of these eco-friendly wipes however are flushable and should always be disposed of in the bin.

Why shouldn’t we flush wet wipes?

Even when a wet wipe package claims its contents are flushable, biodegradable or compostable, they won’t degrade quickly enough to avoid being a menace down our drains and in our waterways. Wet wipes, moist toilet tissue and hygiene wipes labelled as flushable can still block pipes and increase pollution in our seas and beaches. According to a study conducted last year by Water UK, wet wipes made up an astounding 93% of the material causing blockages in our sewers. The 2017 Great British Clean weekend found an average of 27 wet wipes for every 100 metres of coastline.

Only three things should ever be flushed down the toilet – pee, poo and paper!

Make your own wet wipes

A cheap, easy and eco-friendly alternative to disposable wipes and a gentler option for baby’s precious, delicate skin is to use a muslin, flannel or cotton wool. By just using water you know exactly what is being applied to your little one’s skin. For a newborn or small baby, water and pure cotton wool is all you really need. The dirty cloths can be washed each evening on a hot wash, ready to be used the next day.

When our children were babies we made our own wet wipes, daily if going out and about, by placing a number of organic cotton wool pads in a leakproof container and pouring over warm water and a few drops of organic baby oil (the oil helps to stop the cotton wool dragging and leaves tiny bottoms soft and moisturised). The pads needed to be wet but not too soggy. The container fitted neatlyown-nappy-wipes in the nappy bag, perfect for changing time.

When at home the simple solution was to fill a little pot with warm water and a couple of drops of organic baby oil. Cotton wool pads were dipped in the water and squeezed out as needed (and disposed of in the bin and not down the toilet). We found this to be an easy, much cheaper and more environmentally friendly option then using wet wipes for every nappy change!

We can all do our bit. Wet wipes are a convenience hard to give up, but we can at least make sure we only use the genuinely biodegradable/compostable ones – and absolutely never flush them.

Shop Ulula Baby Wipes


Love, comfort & Holle – Happy 85th Birthday Holle!

Happy 85th Birthday Holle!

It has been 85 years since Holle began manufacturing baby food using Demeter ingredients. Conscious of the fact that, as a manufacturer of baby food, they bear a very special responsibility – for the environment, our babies and their future, sustainable management and social responsibility have always been among their core values. Within the Ulula family we’ve been using Holle foods for our family for two generations so we say hooray for Holle!

Holle themselves celebrated this milestone saying:

“Always ORGANIC- for all the right reasons.

We are proud of our brand Holle’s 85 years’ history, and of the fact that Holle has become one of the leading manufacturers of organic baby food. Click here to find out more about our company’s history.

Ever since our company was founded, we have consciously focused our attention on mankind and the environment – because we want our products to deserve being called “sustainable”. Click here to find out more about our commitment to sustainability.

Today, we have a comprehensive baby food range with more than 80 products representing the message “Always ORGANIC – for all the right reasons”. From the start, we have focused on naturalness: Holle baby food is being produced only with raw ingredients grown to biodynamic or organic standards. We do not use chemical processing materials and preservatives, flavouring and colouring agents, added salt or granulated sugar.

Our long-term partnerships with our organic raw material suppliers are very important to us. They are the basis for the particularly high quality of our baby food.

Holle baby food products are gently processed; they represent a wholesome, natural and balanced diet, from the very beginning.”

Ulula. The home of Holle in the UK. For your Holle Hugs, check out the whole range at here xx

credit for this gorgeous photo @thismelissaworld

Free Organic Baby Food with Ulula’s Recommend a Friend Scheme

Tell your friends about Ulula and earn thank you gifts of free organic baby food for you and for them. Both of you can choose any item from the premium Holle baby porridge, milk cereal, baby food pouch or snack ranges to the value of £3.05. With EVERY recommendation.

Claim Your Free Organic Baby Food with Ulula’s Customer Card

Claim your free organic baby food with Ulula's  customer card

We’ve been talking with customers new and old about how we can improve your shopping experience with Ulula. One of the most frequent suggestions was a Recommend a Friend scheme where you and a friend can both get free organic baby food from Holle every time you introduce a friend to our ranges.

Using Your Customer Cards

We loved the idea. So, every Ulula customer now receives several ‘Customer Cards’. These cards are business card sized and are a perfect fit for your purse or wallet or just to keep next to your computer workspace. The customer cards are a handy reminder of how to quickly find the Ulula website when you’re in a hurry to next order your baby’s food. And, on the back you’ll find your unique ‘Customer Recommendation Code‘.

We love it when you want to spread the word about the great products we stock and want to thank you for helping. We give you two cards so you can keep one yourself and give the other one away. Every time you give a friend a card you can earn credits that you can later use to easily claim your free gift. And, of course, your friend can also claim a gift of free organic baby food as soon as they place their first order.

We know parents are busy people, we’re parents too. So, we’ve made using your unique Recommendation Code really easy. For the full low down, including some frequently asked questions see the Recommend a Friend Scheme page.

What Free Organic Baby Food Can You Choose?

As a ‘thank you’ for helping spread the word or to say ‘thanks for joining the Ulula family’ you can choose any one item of premium quality organic baby food from the following ranges every time you claim:

If you don’t tell us what free gift you would like, or if you rather we choose something, that is fine. We’ll look carefully at what you’ve ordered and will select something appropriate up to the value of £3.05.

Help Spread the Word

We’ll keep you topped up with Customer Cards so you can always give your Recommendation Code to more friends who may be interested in Holle organic baby food or any other of the great products we stock.

You can always send your Recommendation Code to friends by email, or even by social media sites like Twitter or Facebook – but please be careful to type in the code exactly as it appears on the reverse of your card. It can be frustrating if a code doesn’t work – and none of us want to annoy your friends and acquaintances.

The more people you introduce who go on to place orders the more free organic baby food you can claim – and make your friends happy too by introducing them to some great food for their littles ones.

Organic Baby Food Delivery in Glasgow Area July 2014

Baby food delivery arrangements forGlasgow July 2014

Baby food delivery arrangements for Glasgow July 2014

Ulula regularly supplies many parents throughout Scotland who buy organic baby food for their young children. July sees the city of Glasgow hosting the 2014 Commonwealth Games. I thought, therefore, I would let you know about possible disruption to our usual baby food deliveries in the Glasgow area due to some temporary traffic arrangements in the city.

The Games run from 23rd July to 3rd August – however, there may be some road restrictions in place from 2nd July. If you live or work in Glasgow or the surrounding area, to ensure your organic baby food delivery is there when you need it please allow sufficient time during this short period of disruption. We are currently being advised to allow an extra day for delivery in the Glasgow area.

Additionally, during this time , there will be no SMS text services or priority service such as delivery before midday as it is not possible to guarantee the services with the expected disruptions. Drivers in the affected areas will have mates so that deliveries can be made on foot where there are parking restrictions or road closures. There will also be extra drivers going out so that earlier deliveries can be made where road closures are coming into operation later in the day or to make later deliveries to residential areas when delivery during the day has not been possible. Customers will also be contacted if there is a backlog so that they will have the opportunity to collect their parcels should they wish.

I’m sure that with a little earlier ordering and such arrangements in place the Ulula delivery of baby foods that we regularly send to our customers in Glasgow and surrounding areas will reach your hungry little babies in good time. If we hear further from our courier we will, of course, continue to keep you informed.

Delivering Your Baby Food – SMS Updates Now Available

Get SMS updates on your baby food order

Get SMS updates on your baby food order

Here at Ulula baby food we understand parents often want their baby’s food delivering as soon as possible. That’s why we try our very hardest to make sure your orders are sent out straightaway and why we always use a 24 hour courier service. From the feedback we receive, our quick turn around on orders is very much appreciated.

Tracking your Baby Food Order

As standard, of course, our courier sends an email with tracking details as soon as your order is picked up from our warehouse. Now we are pleased to be able to offer an enhanced service that allows you to also receive updates on your parcel via text. As from 1st June 2014 customers will receive two texts, one confirming that the parcel is out for delivery and the other letting them know the parcel has been either delivered, carded or left with a neighbour.

All you need do to take advantage of this service is to continue to provide your telephone number as you checkout and place your order for your baby’s food. Mobile numbers will receive the notifications by SMS message while landline numbers will receive an automated voice message with details of your parcel’s progress.

Want to Opt Out?

I hope that you find this enhanced service useful, and that it makes it easier for you to keep an eye on your parcel once it has left the Ulula premises. Of course, not everyone wants or needs to receive such messages, so if you wish to opt out  of the service please make a note in the ‘Additional Information’ field during checkout and we’ll make sure we don’t enter your phone details as we book your parcel. Please do continue to provide a phone number though as we sometimes need to ring customers regarding a query with an order so that we can get it sent out as quickly as possible.

Next Day Delivery of Organic Baby Food

I had two emails from customers last weekend asking if I could add some items of organic baby food into their latest order before sending it out. Of course, normally that would be no problem – I shop online myself and know that I don’t always remember everything.

Unfortunately, for both these customers I had already despatched the orders and the customers were left deciding whether to incur additional delivery charges or wait until their next order. My apologies to Sophie and Di.

Personal and Flexible Online Shopping

When we receive your baby food orders we aim to ship everything out within 24 hours. Unlike many online shops we don’t charge a premium for next day delivery because we aren’t in a position to actually guarantee it, but I think we can be rightly proud of the fact that over 90% of all Ulula orders are received by the customer the next day (in the UK).

At the same time, we aim to offer a very personal and individualised shopping experience and would like you to have the flexibility of adding anything to your baby food order that you may have forgotten. So, could I emphasise to all our customers that if you need to add anything to your order, please do try and let me know as soon as possible so we can pop it in the parcel before it is sent out. Either send a message using the contact form available from every page on the site, or just give me a ring.

We alway welcome feedback on our organic baby foods as well as the service we provide. Let us know how we can improve the site to make your shopping experience as hassle-free as possible.

Late Night Shopping for Baby Food – You Are Not Alone

Sleeping baby - sent in by a customer

Sleeping baby - sent in by a customer

I was working late last night and happened to be looking through the orders that we have received over the last few weeks or so. Despite it being late I noticed that a significant number of customers placed their orders also at a late hour – sometimes extremely late.

Crying Babies

I could image the situations that led to mums and dads being up so late and sat at their computer and they all revolved around crying babies. Perhaps the baby was hungry and needed another feed, or perhaps he or she was teething or had a soiled nappy.

You are Not Alone

So, if you happen to be reading this late at night having been woken by your crying baby, I can sympathise with you. I have been there, I have done that. It will get better, your baby will soon learn to sleep through and you will be able to enjoy an undisturbed sleep once again.

In the meantime, you are not alone. Remember other customers in the Ulula community are also shopping on the site – more likely than not just as you are reading this.

So, why not read a few articles, post a few comments and once your baby is sound asleep and tireness takes you over again slip off to bed yourself. Goodnight.

Gluten Free Foods – Customer Feedback and a New Menu For People with Gluten Intolerance

As existing customers will already know, I try to make sure I personalise the service I offer and always write a little note with every order. Many customers email or write back and tell me more about their babies and families.

When H. placed an order recently I assumed she was buying for her baby, but it seems the gluten free food she was buying was really for herself. This isn’t actually that unusual, because although Ulula is a online shop for organic baby food, we do sell many food items that are suitable for older children as well as adult members of the family with gluten intolerance.

Hi Sabine
Thankyou for your note with my recent order.
the items are i’m ordering are actually for myself (a rather overgrown child!) not my baby.
since finding out i have a severe gluten intolerance i’ve really really missed wheat based crispbreads – ricecakes are for me a rather poor substitute, but having found your products, i now don’t feel i’m missing out at all.they are fantastic and have given me such a boost as i’m now feeliing so healthy without gluten, but am also loving everything i’m eating which is important!
also thankyou for your quick and reliable service. i’ve been very impressed al round.
very best wishes

A New Gluten Free Menu Structure

After receiving H.’s email we had another look at our gluten free menu item and quickly realised that the gluten free category page was rather unwieldly, with currently over 70 items on one page!

We, therefore, had a rethink about how we present the gluten free foods and have restructured the menu item to make it more user friendly. The menu now resembles the following structure:

So, thanks to H. for the kind comments and for the idea to improve how we present our gluten free products. Hopefully we have made it easier for everyone with a gluten intolerance to quickly find the foods they are looking for.

Do you or a baby or child you buy food for have a gluten intolerance? If so, how do you find our new ‘gluten free’ menu structure? Let us know.

High Quality Organic Baby Food – All Ingredients Listed

Further to our recent article on soya in baby milks I thought we should point out that the Ulula website lists all ingredients for every product that we stock, without exception.

In a similar vein, we had a phone call recently from a gentleman wanting sugar free breakfast cereals who had bought some millet pops from elsewhere having been told they were 100% millet, only to find on taking delivery that the ingredients on the packaging listed millet and a substantial amount of sugar. He wanted to check that our millet pops were indeed sugar free.

We don’t try to hide the ingredients of our foods, we list every ingredient so that you can decide for yourself if that particular product is for you or your baby. We are proud to be selective in the baby, toddler and family foods that we stock – you can taste the difference.

And yes, our millet pops are indeed sugar free.