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Weleda Nappy Change Cream – Protecting Babies for Thirty Years

Weleda’s Nappy Change Cream is 30 years old this year! I used the whole Weleda calendula baby care range with all three of my children and the nappy change cream was an essential in the changing bag. I didn’t go anywhere without this wonder cream and would highly recommend it.

Weleda nappy change cream - happy bithday!

The Weleda Nappy Change Cream is made with only 100% natural ingredients and each tube contains seven whole calendula flowers. This is a deeply nourishing and protective barrier cream that helps prevent soreness and reduce redness. The formulation has hardly changed in the last thirty years and has consistently won awards from many major parenting magazines for its effectiveness in caring for and protecting the delicate skin of the nappy area. I use it even now for minor blemishes and as an emergency barrier cream – you’ll always find a travel tube in my handbag.

Using Weleda Nappy Change Cream

The Weleda Nappy Change Cream provides reliable protection for the nappy area. For daily use apply after cleaning the skin with Calendula Oil or Calendula Lotion. Apply liberally, especially in the folds of the skin. This cream can still be applied to open / sore areas. To promote healing let your baby have an hour or so without a nappy – air helps healing. The cream protects from irritation & inflammation and adheres well to the skin.

This nappy change cream is suitable for vegetarians and is free from synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colourants. All ingredients are guaranteed not to be derived from mineral oils.

The Weleda Nappy Change Cream comes in two sizes. The standard 75ml tube is ideal for the chaging area at home and costs just £6.95. The 10ml travel size  tube is perfect for the changing bag or handbag when out and about and costs £2.45.

So, happy thirtieth  birthday to Weleda Nappy Change Cream – the wonder cream for keeping your baby’s bottom protected.

Free Organic Baby Food with Ulula’s Recommend a Friend Scheme

Tell your friends about Ulula and earn thank you gifts of free organic baby food for you and for them. Both of you can choose any item from the premium Holle baby porridge, milk cereal, baby food pouch or snack ranges to the value of £3.05. With EVERY recommendation.

Claim Your Free Organic Baby Food with Ulula’s Customer Card

Claim your free organic baby food with Ulula's  customer card

We’ve been talking with customers new and old about how we can improve your shopping experience with Ulula. One of the most frequent suggestions was a Recommend a Friend scheme where you and a friend can both get free organic baby food from Holle every time you introduce a friend to our ranges.

Using Your Customer Cards

We loved the idea. So, every Ulula customer now receives several ‘Customer Cards’. These cards are business card sized and are a perfect fit for your purse or wallet or just to keep next to your computer workspace. The customer cards are a handy reminder of how to quickly find the Ulula website when you’re in a hurry to next order your baby’s food. And, on the back you’ll find your unique ‘Customer Recommendation Code‘.

We love it when you want to spread the word about the great products we stock and want to thank you for helping. We give you two cards so you can keep one yourself and give the other one away. Every time you give a friend a card you can earn credits that you can later use to easily claim your free gift. And, of course, your friend can also claim a gift of free organic baby food as soon as they place their first order.

We know parents are busy people, we’re parents too. So, we’ve made using your unique Recommendation Code really easy. For the full low down, including some frequently asked questions see the Recommend a Friend Scheme page.

What Free Organic Baby Food Can You Choose?

As a ‘thank you’ for helping spread the word or to say ‘thanks for joining the Ulula family’ you can choose any one item of premium quality organic baby food from the following ranges every time you claim:

If you don’t tell us what free gift you would like, or if you rather we choose something, that is fine. We’ll look carefully at what you’ve ordered and will select something appropriate up to the value of £3.05.

Help Spread the Word

We’ll keep you topped up with Customer Cards so you can always give your Recommendation Code to more friends who may be interested in Holle organic baby food or any other of the great products we stock.

You can always send your Recommendation Code to friends by email, or even by social media sites like Twitter or Facebook – but please be careful to type in the code exactly as it appears on the reverse of your card. It can be frustrating if a code doesn’t work – and none of us want to annoy your friends and acquaintances.

The more people you introduce who go on to place orders the more free organic baby food you can claim – and make your friends happy too by introducing them to some great food for their littles ones.