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Pure Fruit Baby Food

After our recent article on the launch of the Mogli pure fruit smoothies for kids I had an email from a customer asking about pure fruit baby food suitable to give a younger baby when first starting to wean.

The Holle pure fruit baby food jars have been popular with customers ever since they came on to the market. Since stocking Holle’s latest addition to the range (Holle Organic Apple & Banana) we were asked by many parents to put together a pure fruit baby food multi-pack with all three pure fruit jar varieties.

Pure fruit baby food by Holle

Organic pure fruit baby food by Holle

I love it when customers give us really good ideas for product combinations, so we’ve now put together the Holle Organic Finest Fruit Puddings pack. In the few weeks it’s been online it’s proving something of a best seller.

The Holle Organic Finest Fruit Puddings multi-pack contains the following individual jars:

These pure fruit baby food jars are popular when starting to wean because young babies need to get used to different tastes –  slowly and preferably with as few ingredients as possible. Give to your baby just as the puree comes or mix with one of Holle’s baby porridges. Or why not give as a dessert after your baby’s vegetable puree.

Whatever age your baby is they’ll love these purees – they’re full of pure fruit goodness, certified organic, gluten free, dairy free and, of course, with no added sugars. In fact, just pure, top quality fruit.

Most importantly, these Holle pure fruit baby food jars taste absolutely gorgeous – but don’t take my word for it, try them yourself and let us know what you think. And, of course, if you have any ideas for product combinations you’d like to see on the Ulula website, please just get in touch and let me know your thoughts.

Organic Smoothies for Kids

Organic Smoothies for Kids – Pure Fruit Goodness

Pure fruit organic smoothies for kids by our friends at Mogli. Delicious fruit snacks with a full flavour and nothing artificial added.

These recently launched organic smoothies for kids got a huge thumbs up with the Ulula taste testers. Thanks to Mogli quality standards these little pockets of fruit are ideal when out and about as a quick and convenient snack that you know is full of goodness.

Using just pure fruit every Mogli smoothie is guaranteed free from artificial flavours, thickening agents, colourings and preservatives – and they’re certified to the highest organic and Demeter/biodynamic standards – just as you’d expect from Mogli.

Organic Smoothies for kids

Organic smoothies for kids from Mogli – premium quality pure fruit goodness for your little one.

Mogli organic smoothies for kids come in four yummy flavours, with each pouch packing a powerful fruit punch provided by a blend of three fruits:

When we asked our tasters to try out these new Mogli smoothies with their toddlers and young children we were blown away by the overwhelmingly enthusiastic response. Here’s just three of the comments we received:

These Mogli organic smoothies for kids are delicious. They come in a smooth puree and a good sized portion. My little one loved all four flavours which really surprised me but when I tried them myself I could understand why.

My son is usually a bit fussy with fruit but he loved these smoothies.

Thanks for the offer of trying the Mogli smoothies for kids. They went down a real treat with our son (and the rest of the family!) We’ll definitely be buying them and that price and quality we think you’re getting good value for money.

Damia is the company behind Mogli and these organic smoothies for kids. It’s a relative newcomer to the market and has an ethos that puts children at the centre of everything they do. Damia believe, just as we at Ulula do, that children in particular deserve good, natural food, and this is just what they are striving to achieve. As well as encouraging kids’ taste for real food the company aims to only supply nutritious food that has been produced in partnership with experts – every product  has been approved by independent nutritionists as well as a parent’s panel and children’s jury. And that includes these organic smoothies for kids.

The Mogli range of organic smoothies for kids is exclusive to Ulula in the UK and, given the high quality of the fruit, provide a unique drink for slightly older babies and toddlers. Each flavour is available in packs of three 100g pouches for £3.55 or we are offering all four flavours in one multi-pack for just £4.40.

Try the Mogli pure fruit smoothies for kids and let us know what YOU think.