Supporting Breastfeeding – Free Nursing Tea Samples for Every New Mum

Free breastfeeding tea for every mum
Free breastfeeding tea for every mum

I was really pleased that I was able to breastfeed all three of my children. Having done so I appreciate some of the difficulties mums can face when trying to breastfeed their babies. I do, though, also know the pleasures, the rewards and the sheer joy this close and intimate experience can bring to a relationship with a new baby.

After a recently published report from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and the reaction of some of the country’s press I feel compelled to expand my new campaign to help promote breastfeeding here in the UK. Of course, my influence is limited and I desperately want to promote a natural approach that draws on the powers of traditional herbs that help with increasing breast milk supply.

Free Breastfeeding Tea for Every New Mum in the UK

So rather than just promote the Holle organic nursing tea/breastfeeding tea solely through the Ulula website I have decided that every new mum in the UK will be given the chance of receiving free samples of the tea. Since the beginning of the year every pregnant woman is being given information by the NHS on how to apply online to get their free breastfeeding tea samples as well as receiving advice on natural approaches to common breastfeeding problems. Mums can sign up to get their free nursing tea/breastfeeding tea samples at any time on our special campaign page.

Breastfeeding Problems – The Latest Research

I had mixed reactions when I saw reports of a Scandinavian publication with findings by the researchers from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. The UK newspapers were running stories telling us how “breast milk is not better than formula”. I was horrified.

I must, of course, declare an interest here. I sell the Holle organic baby milk and formula and the baby milks are very popular with many, many mums. A huge number of mums tell me just how grateful they are to have found a baby milk of such a high quality that they can trust to give their precious baby. I recognise that a lot of mums either can’t breastfeed or don’t want to breastfeed for a great many very good reasons.

The researchers from Norway say mothers who find breastfeeding so hard that they give up should not blame themselves. They suggest that difficulties feeding a newborn may be down to higher levels of the male hormone testosterone during pregnancy. There are many reasons why a mother might have high levels of this male hormone in her womb during pregnancy as the placenta – an engine of hormone production – kicks into action.

The team suggest that the hormone may impact negatively on the development of glandular tissue in the breast, in turn affecting a mum’s ability to breastfeed her baby.

Breastfeeding – “A Mother Should Do What Makes Her Feel Happy”

Lead researcher Professor Sven Carlsen said: “Basically a mother who finds she has difficulty shouldn’t feel guilty – it probably is just the way it is, and her baby will not suffer for being fed formula milk. “A mother should do what makes her happy.”

Professor Carlsen argues that it is the hormone balance in the womb which explains both a mother’s ability to breastfeed and any apparent health benefits of a baby who is breastfed – rather than the breast milk itself.

Breastfeeding and the Alternatives

For me, it is clear that the benefits of breastfeeding, for baby and mother, are much wider than this discussion. I would, and do, advise mums to breastfeed their baby if they can possibly do so – which is why I am running this year long breastfeeding campaign.

For those mums who can’t or don’t want to breastfeed, for whatever reason, I would strongly advise feeding their precious baby with the very best quality of baby milk or baby formula alternative – look for an organic milk from cows raised in the most natural way possible and with nothing added that a growing baby’s body doesn’t need. And don’t be bullied into feeling guilty – your baby will be healthy and will thrive .

Using Nursing Tea to Naturally Increase Milk Supply

Holle organic nursing tea
Holle organic nursing tea

Many mums do want to breastfeed their baby but feel they have a low milk supply and just can’t satisfy their baby. For those mums who want to persevere and try to increase their milk supply the Holle organic nursing tea is a great way to naturally encourage lactation.

The tea is carefully formulated with a blend of the highest quality certified organic herbs traditionally used to help support healthy breast milk production. It’s a tasty and comforting tea that has already helped thousands of mums to successfully breastfeed their babies. And because it’s organic you can rest easy that there are no unnatural chemicals in your milk to harm your baby.

Let’s Spread the Message

So my message to new mums or mums-to-be is this: the Holle Organic Nursing Tea is a great contribution to making your breastfeeding experience a happy one – get your free samples today and experience the joy of watching your baby thrive as you share this special time together.

Please join our campaign to support breastfeeding and spread the word to other interested parents and professionals.

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