Where Are the Weleda Edelweiss Suncream and Sun Protection Products?

UPDATE: This article about the Weleda Edelweiss Suncream and Sun Protection Products has been updated. The Weleda sun care range has not been available since 2009. At Ulula we use and recommend sun care products from Lavera and Organii (who produce an excellent natural and organic sun block for babies and children – very effective and highly recommended).

A baby’s skin is four to five times thinner than adult akin and is extremely absorptive. This is just one good reason to only use natural plant and mineral based products on their delicate and sensitive skins, rather than risking artificial chemicals.

With the mild and sunny weather, many Ulula customers who bought the Weleda Edelweiss Suncream products over the last few years have recently asked me why they couldn’t find them anymore on the Ulula website.

Many years ago, when Weleda developed the Edelweiss Suncream and their whole Suncare Range, the company developed a mineral UV filter which was the only sun screen accepted by the BDIH, the German certifying body for natural cosmetics. Weleda also used Australian standards to certify their UVA protection.

To ensure total protection for consumers, recently introduced EU regulations on sun protection filters (including extended UV-A protection), as well as generally higher expectations of sun protection products, have made it necessary for all sun care producers to incorporate a new, more effective UV-A filter in a considerably higher concentration than previously required.

These new EU regulations do not comply with the Australian standards Weleda previously used as a base and the company have said it is difficult to ensure the specified level of protection with natural mineral UV filters.

Therefore Weleda decided to take the Edelweiss Suncream and Sun Protection Range off the market from January 2009.

At Ulula we have been looking hard for an alternative suncream to the Weleda.  We only want to offer our customers suncreams and sun care products from an equally well regarded natural cosmetic manufacturer that produces high quality organic and natural skincare products.

At the Natural and Organic Show in London in April, we had a chat with the ladies from the Lavera stand about their suncream and sun care range. I already knew Lavera products from Germany and it is one of the few cosmetic an skin care ranges I am prepared to use myelf. Lavera is not only one of the leading suppliers of organic and natural cosmetics, Lavera is the market leader for natural sun protection and has won many awards. Lavera was the first manufacturer worldwide to produce 100% natural mineral-based sun protection.

UPDATE: We have also recently introduced a total sunblock for babies and children by Organii – another natural and certified organic alternative that is very effective and highly recommended.

Protecting Your Baby – With Natural Suncreams

We all love the sunshine but it is so important to keep your baby safe, even on less sunny days during the summer. Therefore sun protection is very important for the whole family.

Some guidelines to consider:

  • Babies under six months should never be exposed to the sun – always keep them in the shade;
    Keep babies and children out of direct sunlight between 11am and 3pm;
  • Make sure they always wear a hat, preferably one that covers the top of the neck too;
    Keep babies and children well hydrated with lots of water;
  • Make sure they wear loose clothing made from close-weave fabric to prevent sun rays from penetrating;
  • Use natural sunscreens designed for children and apply frequently and in sufficient quantity;
    Explain to your little ones why you are protecting them.

We are delighted to announce that we will soon be taking delivery of some of the Lavera Sun Cream and Sun Protection Range so you can be well prepared to naturally protect your baby and your whole family for the coming summer. Lets hope we get some sun!