Holle Organic Baby Food – Some Customer Feedback

Baby Matilda eating her Holle baby foodWhen we receive orders at Ulula we do often wonder about the babies and families our food goes to feed. So it is always great to hear from mums and dads – we love to hear how your babies like the food as well as any comments you have on our service and the website.

Thanks to Victoria who sent us the following feedback, along with a photo of her baby daughter Matilda – what a lovely baby!

Dear Sabine
I have recently received my order from you and just wanted to say a huge thank you for supplying Holle in the UK. My four month old daughter, Matilda, absolutely adores all of them, from the baby porridges to the puddings! In fact, her nursery staff have today informed me that she was very upset that they didn’t feed her quick enough today!!!! She’s sleeping better, she loves the baby tea and is generally on top of the world! She has recently had tonsilitus and the organic tea has managed to relax her just before bed. I shall mail you some photos of Matilda eating Holle as you won’t believe the state she gets in, thank goodness it’s organic and is probably good for her skin!!!!!!
(By the way, my 7 year old tried the pudding too today and he loves it!!!!!)
I am sure she will soon finish the food that I have ordered and can’t wait to purchase some more from you.
I also wanted to say thank you for your kind note you put on the invoice, it’s so nice to receive such a personal service from you.
I am looking forward to dealing with you more in the future.
With kind regards

Your feedback helps us to improve our service and our website – so please do let us have your comments.

2 thoughts

  1. Hello Sabine

    Have been weaning Tristan for a month now – it is so much fun! He loves his Holle baby porridges, especially when mixed with a pear or banana puree or some coconut. He has such a healthy appetite and I love knowing that he is only eating good quality food. The baby spelt biscuits are also a great success though I must say that he has only eaten two out of the current packet and I have eaten almost all of the rest…hmmm…

    Best wishes to you,

  2. Dear Sabine,

    I would like to thank you for the great service you provide: quick response, helpful in case of problems and very friendly. It is great to find excellent organic baby food in the UK especially Holle. Their porridges and the jars are really delicious (and healthy), my daughter loves it. For travelling, I always keep some in stock.
    The baby tea is really yummy, I like to drink it too as it mixes some of my favourite flavours together.
    Just a last note: the Weleda calendula ointment really helps to sooth the scratches and minor cuts of my little one.
    All in all: a great selection!!

    All the best und liebe Grüsse,

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