High Quality Organic Baby Food – All Ingredients Listed

Further to our recent article on soya in baby milks I thought we should point out that the Ulula website lists all ingredients for every product that we stock, without exception.

In a similar vein, we had a phone call recently from a gentleman wanting sugar free breakfast cereals who had bought some millet pops from elsewhere having been told they were 100% millet, only to find on taking delivery that the ingredients on the packaging listed millet and a substantial amount of sugar. He wanted to check that our millet pops were indeed sugar free.

We don’t try to hide the ingredients of our foods, we list every ingredient so that you can decide for yourself if that particular product is for you or your baby. We are proud to be selective in the baby, toddler and family foods that we stock – you can taste the difference.

And yes, our millet pops are indeed sugar free.

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