Holle Organic Fruit Bars for Babies – Coming Soon

Another update from the annual Organic and Natural Products exhibition at Olympia. Holle have recently added two new fruit bars for babies to their organic baby food range – perfect finger food complements to the sugar free Organic Baby Spelt Biscuits and Baby Spelt Rusks.


Holle Fruit Bars for Babies –
The Taste Test

And now to the most important question – what are they like? Holle have launched two fruity bars – Organic Apple and Banana and Organic Apple and Pear. During our time at the exhibition we sampled several of each (as well as  similar products from another company) and brought home a small supply to give to family and friends. Both bars are made of 100% organic fruit, honey and spelt and, in our opinions, Holle have got the balance just right. The bars are very fruity and are firm enough to handle but without being tough to bite – they taste simply delicious. Both bars are naturally sweet enough to give toddlers a healthy treat or snack while keeping enough of the tang of the real fruit so that your child develops a love for the taste of the real thing too – superb!

For now the Holle fruit bars are currently only available on the continent – when they were launched two months ago in Germany, Austria and Switzerland they proved so popular that the whole production run sold out immediately. We at Ulula have placed our order and are pleased to be the only UK stockist of this great finger food. Watch this space for availability.

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    1. No need to wait any longer – the Holle Organic Fruit Bars for Babies have arrived at the Ulula warehouse and are already shipping. Hope you enjoy them – do let us know how you find the bars.


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