The Only Organic Goats Milk on the Market

Several weekends ago now the Ulula team headed off to the annual Organic and Natural Products exhibition at Olympia – it was a good, if tiring day.

The event gave us one of our regular opportunities to catch up with our suppliers, including Holle, manufacturer of organic baby food. I’ll post a few small entries over the coming days on plans and upcoming developments in the world of organic baby food.

The first is the announcement that the Holle Organic Goats Milk infant formula is the only goats milk for babies currently on the UK market that is certified organic. We are proud to be able to supply the Holle baby milk to parents whose babies require an alternative to cow’s milk – your feedback tells us how important that is to you.

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  1. Hi,

    I am using this formula nearly more then two month. I needed to find a milk what gives higher calories to my daughter as she has a heart condition.First of all i asked the health visitor and her answer was in England we do not suggest goat milk as it is very allergen.
    I did not follow her advice luckily as where i am from goat milk counts the best “energy drink” for babies. So since then my daughter is using it without any problem and she is growing. Thank to Ulula and Sabine i am able to give her the best. So please mums follow your heart always!

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